How to Advertise on

Do you want to advertise a product or service? With, Just follow the few easy steps

Register / Login to and select Advertiser account on top right at Dashboard then create an advertising campaign by clicking left side menu. When creating a campaign, you can very finely target your ad serving. Available settings: Theme, GEO, browser, OS, device type, time, day of the week, there is also a blacklist sites.

2. Add Banner / Text Graphics Ads

After creating an advertising campaign, it’s time to add banners and graphic text ads. You can specify the desired type of payment. 1000 impressions or per click. You can also specify cost per 1000 impressions and per click.

You can add UTM tags to an advertising link to track conversions.

After adding – all banners are moderated by support team @

3. Payments

To show advertisements at publisher networks you must replenish your balance in the system. You also have information about all payments made. You can make online payment via Paypal or Stripe

4. Reports

You can access the detailed statistics for each of your ad at your dashboard.

4. Support

If you need any assistance or questions, you can write in support and get help from support team.

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