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I am a Publisher How to I Publish Ads?

If you are a website owner / webmaster just register / login to Partner Control Panel at Gajuu, add your website, just copy and paste the simple ads code in your website, that’s it. The approval is instant.

I am a Business Owner, How to Advertise?

If you are a business owner / Corporate, needs branding, traffic to your website or App, you can just register / login to Partner Control Panel at Gajuu Just follow the simple steps by entering the details and get instant approval, the add shall start circulating instantly.

How do I get Paid of my Earnings?

We will pay to the publishers via Online Platform such Paypal, Google Pay and Bank Account Transfer.

How to Pay for my Advertisements?

Advertisers can Pay via Paypal Google Pay and Bank Transfer.


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  • Register / Login to Gajuu
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  • Publish Ads for Instant Approval
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